6 Raised Bed Design Ideas For Your Square Foot Garden

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening

Incorporating raised beds to your backyard urban farm is a great addition to a square foot garden.

Actually, many of us first start by constructing a raised bed to place their garden in then simply utilize the square foot method to determine where to grow the crops.

A raised bed garden is actually an urban garden that is established above the ground. This method is great wherever you live, but particularly so if you have clay-like or nutrient depleted soil.

It also helps you make the most of your the room by maximizing your effectiveness and also giving you very high returns from your crops. By planting in raised beds, you can easily gain access to each area or box of your harvests and be able to water and maintain them without trampling on the the rest.

As the urban farmer you can easily walk in-between as well as around your raised beds so it tends to make sense to try them for at least one of your urban gardens.
Another great benefit to growing your garden in a raised bed is the appearance and style and design. Take a look at a raised bed garden, and one planted directly into the earth. The raised bed garden tends to be much more aesthetically attractive and have a much higher curb appeal.

The following will show you six raised bed garden designs that you may be able to use in your own urban garden. Take a look at them all and use one, two, or more to add to the landscape appeal of your garden and to increase its productivity.

Keep in mind that you want to keep your own raised bed around 4 feet wide to be certain that it is easily maintainable. You should also try filling your beds with rich and fertile soil in addition to compost, at a 2:1 ratio.

1.  Traditional Lumber

Raised Bed GardeningThe majority of raised bed gardens you see are the traditional lumber type. This is the kind that is typically made of lumber that you can purchase from the local hardware store.

If you are super savvy like most self sufficient urban farmers, than you can scour your local craigslist or classifieds for scrap wood and build your own raised garden beds.

I usually look for pieces that are about 6 feet in length, and then I will build it up so it is at least 1 to 2 feet high.

Learn More: Check out our step-by-step guide to building a raised bed from lumber planks.

2.  Concrete & Stone

Raised Bed GardensPosition concrete or stone with open sides facing facing up to outline the raised bed. The openings can be filled with soil and used as planting pockets for small herbs or vegetables.





3. Professionally Landscaped

Professionally Landscaped Urban GardensProfessionally Landscaped Raised Beds are very attractive if you can afford it. Typically you can expect to pay a contractor at least $1000 for a professionally landscaped urban garden.


Learn More: Check out Houzz.com to find professional landscape contractors near you.


4. Stumps and Logs

Stumps & Logs Raised Bed GardensUsing Stumps and logs to create your own raised bed gardens is another fun and aesthetically pleasing design. You can use full width logs or use just the bark exterior, or even use short stumps sat upright and placed side-by-side.



5. Elevated Raised Beds

Elevated Raised BedsElevated Gardening has quickly become a popular strategy for urban farmers and rooftop gardeners. Heightened raised beds will add style and function to any backyard space. Elevated garden beds eliminate the need to bend or kneel and make it suitable to plant, and tend to your crops. The user-friendly benefits of using elevated gardens cause them to become a fantastic accessible gardening resource for handicapped or physically constrained gardeners who would benefit from a taller raised bed garden.


6. Creative Raised Bed Gardening

Creative Raised BedsThere are many different ways to build a raised bed for your urban garden. No matter which material you decide to use, keep in mind that you can get creative!

They do not all have to be square! Feel free to play around with different designs to match your personal taste and landscape!


We’d love to to see what kind of raised beds you use in your backyard! Please share your pictures in the comments below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


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