Raising Backyard Chickens For Eggs: Collecting



One of the most enjoyable parts of raising backyard chickens for eggs is going to your nesting box to see what beautiful works of art your girls have made for you.

Many urban farmers, like you, start your journey to self sufficiency by raising backyard chickens for eggs. Although there are many other benefits to raising chickens, eggs are definitely one of the greatest, and most rewarding.

In this video, I share with you the typical process that I go through when collecting my hen’s eggs. You will see that there is really nothing too labor intensive to raising backyard chickens for eggs.

We have 4 hens at the moment, all are the chicken breed know as Rhode Island Red. These hens are known for their reliable egg production and lay the light brown shelled eggs.

I invite you into my own backyard to get a first hand look at how I raise my urban chickens and collect their farm fresh eggs!


Disclaimer: I want to apologize to you in advance for the video quality. This was my very first video and, of course, I held the camera vertically as opposed to horizontally!

I hope you all enjoy! Please leave pictures of you collecting your own hen’s eggs in the comment sections below!


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